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"WINGSM meets all the needs of a GSM business with advanced modules."

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Purchase Invoice Product Return to Companies Product Return Entry from Customer Product transfer between Stores Stock Counting Barcode Printing on Purchase Invoice
With the Stock module, you can make Purchase, Transfer and Return transactions of all products with IMEI or quantity. In transactions with IMEI, you can get all IMEIs in stock with a single click.

With the approval mechanism, you can transfer products to your branches or accept the products sent to you by clicking a single button. You do not need to select a product when transferring a product. It will be enough to read the IMEIs serially.

It is now very easy to count your warehouses in Stock Counting processes that are compatible with hand terminals. You can fully control your products by making these counts in the period you want.

For multiple serial number entries, your stocks can be entered quickly by scanning the first and last series. In addition, stock entries can be made by generating a serial number at the time of entry.

The stock output of the products entered with the serial number is also made with the serial number. In addition, the profitability of the serial numbered products is created by using the actual value on this entry transaction. Thus, you will see your real profitability.

You can determine the Sales Prices of your products on the Purchase Invoice, and print Barcodes with or without Price.

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